quick shop shanghai world expo public service
quick shop shanghai world expo public service


Quick Shop Shanghai World Expo Public Service

Description :

QTY: 20 containers Lead Time: 5 days

Case: In the period between 1st May 2010 and 31st October 2010, there were 190 countries, 56 international organizations took part in Shanghai World Expo. The cumulative number was to 70 million visitors. To deal with the problem of insufficient service equipment for consumers, medical treatment, and catering, the World Expo decided to increase more container houses. They made use of the flexible property of containers to serve as temporary stores, temporary treatment room, etc.

Features: With the features of movability and factory-like installation, they can be used as stores, newsstands, temporary treatment rooms and lounges. As their elegant appearance would not conflict with the surroundings that made visitors had a good feeling.