pilgrims home tibet plateau project
pilgrims home tibet plateau project


Pilgrims Home Tibet Plateau Project

Description :

Kailash Pilgrimage Area: 6800m², Lead Time: 1 month

Case Study: Kailash is recognized as the Holy Mountain worldwide. It is not only the headstream of the Ganges River, Indus River, and Yarlung Zangbo River but also been regarded as “The Center of the World” by Hinduism, Buddhism (Tibetan original religion), Bonism, Jainism. Lots of pilgrims from India and Tibetan come here for a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain every year.

As a supplier which provides multifarious houses, we had built more than 100 temporary houses for them. We redesigned a kind of new house with the base, according to the climate and geographical condition in Tibet. We used red and white as the main color to fuse the surrounding and enhance the atmosphere of holies. And the houses were movable. We also supplied many articles of daily use and food for this project to satisfy the pilgrims’ accommodation.