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Steel Villa House

Steel villa house, which also named light steel construction house. Its main materials are light steel keel which is composite by hot-dip galvanized steel with cold rolling technology. Together with the refined calculation and the support and combination of the components, it can work with reasonable bearing capacity, and replace the traditional houses finally.

Brief Introduction

The main materials of the so-call Steel villa house are light steel keel which is composite by hot-dip galvanized steel with cold rolling technology. Together with the refined calculation and the support and combination of the components, it can work with reasonable bearing capacity, and replace the traditional houses finally.

Special Performance

Compared to the traditional house, Steel villa house has below prominent advantages:

  1. The lightweight steel construction of Steel villa house has high degree of factory-like, mechanization and commercialization in fittings production.
  2. The Steel villa house has fast construction speed on site so that makes it become a kind of civilized construction which can avoid bad influence to the nearby residents
  3. The structural steel construction of Steel villa house is a kind of environment friendly and sustainable development product.
  4. Steel villa house has light weight structure and good anti-seismic property.
  5. The comprehensive economic index of Steel villa house is lower than the reinforced concrete structure house.
  6. Compared to the brick-and-concrete composite house, Steel villa house can avoid the wasting of resources which using the soil to fire bricks.
  7. Compared to the brick-concrete structure house, Steel villa house can increase more usable area as the wall thickness of lightweight steel construction is thinner.
  8. Compared to the reinforced concrete house, the steel of Steel villa house are recycled because of its lightweight steel construction, but the concrete can’t be recycled. That means the concrete will turn into building rubbish and cause the environmental problems. Concrete need 40 years to become dry totally so that will easily cause the moisture and damp indoor, which is bad for people’s health. While lightweight steel construction does not need any concrete, so this problem will never exist.
  9. Steel villa house has quite good anti-seismic property. Consider about the seismic activity is moving toward right and left, up and down, so the lightweight steel construction was connected together by the screws and constituted a safe and stable box, this kind of structure can avoid the wall collapse and floorslab drop in the earth quake and protect people from harm.
  10. Steel villa house uses dry construction way so that it can avoid the water resource wasting and save the cost in the meantime.

Floor construction of Steel villa house:

  • The floors of Steel villa house are constituted by thin-walled cold-formed steel frame or composite beam, OSB structural slab, underprop, connecting piece. And all the materials which used in the construction are oriented strand board, cement fibrolite plate and veneer board.
  • This kind of lightweight floor can bear 316~365kg load per square meter. For the Steel villa house, the weight of its floor structure system is one fourth to one sixth of the traditional concrete floor system, but the structure height of its floor is 100mm to 120mm higher than the ordinary concrete floor.
  • The roofing system of Steel villa house is constituted by roof truss, OSB panel, waterproof layer and light roofing tile (metal or asphalt shingle).
  • There are many combinations between roofing and appearance in lightweight steel construction. And there are many combinations among the materials. On the condition that the waterproof technical are guaranteed,there are many alternatives for the appearance.

Wall structure of Steel villa house:

  1. The wall of Steel villa house is mainly composed of wall stud, top beam of the wall, wall mudsill, wall support, wall panel and fastener. Steel villa house generally uses indoor cross wall as the load bearing wall of the structure. The pillars are C shape steel member. The thickness of the load bearing wall is depend on the load it bears and normally the thickness is 0.84~2mm and the intercolumniation is 400~600mm. This kind of wall structure layout of Steel villa house can bear weight effectively and also can vertical load by the transmitting and it is convenient for layout also.
  2. The heat preservation and energy-saving technology of Steel villa house
  3. In order to get the heat preservation effect, we’ve used the thermal insulation material which not only can be long-term used, but also can do the thermal insulation on the outer wall and roofing of the building. Except of filling the glass fibre into the space which is between the column and column, we pasted one more layer with thermal insulation material on the outer wall so that it can cut off the thermal bridge from the wall column to the outer wall effectively. The joist of the floor has filled with glass fibre to reduce heat transfer to the storey.
    All the wall and column have filled with glass fibre to reduce the heat transfer between the windows.
  4. Technique of building fire protection: The most important point for Steel villa house is the application of fireproofing technology. The fireproofing level has been divided into 4 classes. The gypsum boards are pasted on the ceiling which is between the double sides of the wall and the floor. In order to achieve the request for 1 hour fire resistance, we used 25.4mm gypsum boards to protect the normal firewall and separating wall. And the glass fibre which we filled between the wall and column and floor, also acted as a positive effect in fireproofing and heat transfer.
  5. The technique of building sound insulation: The separating wall uses the wall column to form the second wall which has interstitial in the middle. And the keel which is used to fasten the gypsum board in the suspended ceiling and the elastic construction with small grooving can help to reduce the solid-borne noise to spread in the floors.
  6. History of development: The building technology of low-rise dwelling with lightweight structure was evolved from the building technology of North America timberwork. As a result of going through hundreds of years’ development, it has formed a mature construction system with excellent physical properity, flexible space and shape, easy in construction, multitudinousness.

North America is regarded as the best environment for human being to live, more than 95% of the low-rise civil construction which included the residence, market, school and office all built with timberwork or lightweight steel construction (even included our near countries, Japan and Korea).

The timberwork and the lightweight steel construction in North America have occupied absolute predominance in the whole construction market. Nowadays, with the rising timber price, the market of lightweight steel construction system in North America is rapidly growing with exceed 30% growth rate and widely accepted by the market step by step.

In the meantime, they have been used a lot in our near neighbors, Japan (it becomes the KC system in Japan), Korea and Australia. The reason why the lightweight steel construction in North America develops so fast,  can be summarized to its mature, reliable technology which is beneficial to construct and do the business development, high economic constructure, advanced technology which accord to the environmental protection and energy saving and sustainable development. The output of China’s steel industry has occupied forefront of the world, but the usage ratio of steel is far below the developed country. Construction technology of low-rise building with lightweight steel construction has conformed to the industry-oriented of construction industry which made by the nation. Easy Home has attended into and taken charge of every steel structure house project and it has caught the intensive response and attention from the industry and government and get the support in the policy and technology from government.


  1. The technology and product configuration of lightweight steel construction are quite mature and have high degree of industrialization. It is the combination of construction technology and building materials industry development in recent 100 years in North America.
  2. The galvanized steel sheet which used in the building structure has excellent corrosion resistance and is much more durable. Its durable years are 275 years under the normal use condition.
  3. Lightweight steel construction has quite good anti-seismic property than traditional concrete and brick-and-concrete composite house
  4. In the meantime, as lightweight steel construction has the advantage of light weight, and its weight per unit area only one fourth weight of the same area brick-concrete structure. So it has easy foundation treatment and suitable for most of the geological condition.
  5. Compared to the timberwork house, steel structure house is better, as we don’t need to worry about the damage from the termite.
  6. As all the steel which we used in the structure are using factory-like process, the structure accuracy of Steel villa house is very high. The structural system of Steel villa house is constituted by thousands of components; each component’s average error is lower than 2mm. This high accuracy has insured the quality of the house, and the traditional mode of construction will never achieve this.

With below 4 kinds of characteristics:

  1. Stable Structure
  2. Low cost
  3. The indoor space span of Steel villa house is larger than concrete construction
  4. Short construction period, much faster than conventional construction

Main Performance

  1. Environmental protection property: Ecological recycled, and all those steels, wood, plastic can 100% recycle and reuse which is accorded with the request of ecological construction. Due to the good energy-saving performance (heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation) and advanced technology, it only has 40% energy dissipation of traditional house.

  2. Antiseptic and insect prevention material: Keep using galvanized iron and do not use any protogenesis wood, which not only can be antiseptic, but also can prevent the material from any damage by worms.
  3. Fire-resistant property and durability: All the materials are nonflammable as we have considered the fire protection construction in the meantime. And these materials and construction have achieved the national fire prevention code.
  4. Anti-seismic and wind-resistant property: It has light weight, good anti-seismic property. It has full considered the wind load and snow load in the design so that it can resist the storm and blizzard. The innate anti-seismic property of light weight steel structure system was depended on the light weight of structural steel construction, material property of metal and the necessary shear wall structure. Consider about the seismic activity is moving toward right and left, up and down, so the lightweight steel construction was connected by the screws and constituted a safe and stable box, this kind of structure can avoid the wall collapse and floorslab drop in the earth quake and protect people from dangerous. When the seismic intensity achieves 9 classes, then it can satisfy the not collapsed request. And the resistant wind load can reach 12 classes typhoon(1.5KN/㎡).
  5. Sound insulation of Steel villa house: the sound insulation of the wall≥45db
  6. Safety of Steel villa house: It is a kind of permanent construction which has essential difference with board room and activity house.
  7. Construction time: The project duration is short and it only costs about one month.

Construction Process:

The construction processes are as following: Firstly, weld the steel frame to fasten to the foundation. Secondly, cut the board for the windows and doors by normal saw. Thirdly, inlay all kinds of board on the steel frame in proper order and then fasten them by glue. For a middle size house with three floors and 600 square meters, it only needs 12 workers and they can finish the main construction and most of the outer wall and indoor decoration within one month. It only needs one sixth of construction period of the normal building. And in the whole construction process, because of fully gathering and making use of materials and also the lightweight material, it can simplify the trivial construction procedure and doesn’t need to use the large-size construction machinery so that it can reduce a lot workers’ labor intensity.

Villa Parts:

  • There are 4 main parts which we used to build the house, they are lightweight steel framed structure, wall structure, floor structure and roofing structure.
  • The lightweight steel framed structure: After processing in the factory, it can be assembled directly in the site. It has the characteristics of high strength, good anti-seismic property, fast and simple in assembling and construction. While using the high effective preservatives to do the rust prevention on the surface of the steel member, it can make sure the steel member more durable. As the steel framed structure was wrapped inside the thermal-insulating wall, it won’t produce any heat bridge.
  • The weight is quite light as it needs a small amount of steel. It needs 20kg to 30kg steel per square meter. It only uses about 60% steel of the normal steel framed structure house and that means it can save at least one third steel.
  • There are 4 kinds of wall structures: side fascia, inner wall board, partition panel and insulation block.
  • According to different climate in deference area, it can constitute difference wallboard.
  • In the cold region, it can constitute a kind of adiabatic composite wall which not only can do the heat preservation, but also can make sure the indoor heat won’t be assimilated or leaked by the wall. And the energy-saving effect can reach 80%. It also means that it only needs 1/5 energy consumption of the normal house, then it can achieve the heat preservation requirement indoor.
  • In the hot region, we use the outer wall panel which has air convection effect to constitute the composite wall, so the solar radiant heat can be taken away by the flowing air inside the wall and keep the indoor comfortable and cool.
  • Roofing structure: Because of using the principle design of wall and panel, it has high-level in heat preservation, thermal insulation, sound insulation, waterproofness, humidity resistance, and we can design the shape at will according to the house.
  • Floor structure: In light weight, high strength and with hermetic cellular structure and air pugging which can make the deafening effect achieve 41 decibel. It is easy to install. Its bearing capacity is exceed 200kg per square meter, and outdistance the normal floor which only has 150kg bearing capacity per square meter as the national standard.

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