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Container House

Container house also named as container room, container activity room and container residential. It is the container that transform into a kind of house with windows and doors. This kind of container room normally is used as the worker’s dormitory in the construction site. Some people also used it as rental housing because of its sturdy and durable construction and convenience in construction. Therefore, container house also called as people’s living container room.

Advantage of Container House

The originality of container residential has been widely used abroad. With slight transformation, the container can be easily changed to a cozy room with windows and doors.

Housing Price:

Container: Normally, the inside space of a container is about 13 square meters after decoration, and it costs USD$150 per container.
Traditional commercial housing: Nowadays, the average price for per square meter is about USD$3000 in large-medium cities. After comparing, it is obvious that the price of commercial housing is much expensive than the price of container.


Container: container has quite good motility; you can remove it to anywhere we want by truck easily. It can help you to live in the same house while moving to different place.
Traditional commercial housing: You can also choose and buy the commercial house in downtown or suburb as you like, but it is difficult to change the place once you settled a purchase.


Container: As the container is made with strength steel, its doors and wall are quite firm in structure. Compared to the bunk houses, container has high strength so that it can resist the earthquake and strong wind and protect the container from collapse. Its safety factor is higher than other simple construction house.


Container: it is quite personalized. You can do the painting and decoration at will, you can paint as special as you like and repaint any time if you don’t like it.


Good choice for the people who are looking for economic housing


During the British Queen’s diamond wedding celebration, a temporary hotel was built in the Queen’s Windsor Castle, which was constituted by 75 containers and used as accommodations for those 600 performers who came from all over the world.

This hotel was named Snoozebox and it is a kind of hotel that made with container activity rooms and used to offer the accommodation to those 600 performers who came from all over the world.  These people all came to attend the performing for the Queen’s diamond wedding celebration next month. The ataman cavalryman from Russia, president’s bodyguard from Indian and Oklahoma cowboy from America, all of them will stay 3 nights in this 2 floors container hotel. In this hotel, per container will be divided into 4 single rooms, each room has double bed, WiFi, flat-screen TV, safe box, key card and etc.

Simon Brooks-Ward´╝îthe director of this celebration, said that this kind of hotel which is made with container activity rooms can solve very well the accommodation problem in this celebration. And the whole hotel can be set up very fast and easily as it can be finished within 48 hours.

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